Past Sponsors

The CCSA Team has extensive experience serving a diverse array of public, private, and research organizations. The scope and duration of these efforts ranged from small contracts to long-term, multi-task efforts. Past research sponsors include:


  • Department of Defense
  • Department of Homeland Security
  • Department of State
  • Federal Aviation Administration
  • Federal Highway Administration
  • Federal Lands
  • Federal Reserve Bank
  • National Highway Traffic Safety Administration


The CCSA has had only a few direct contacts with State DOTs, but its role under FHWA contracts involved considerable work aiding the states in solving problems and improving designs and deployment guidelines.

  • States served over the last 15 years included: NY, OH, MI, MO, MD, HI, IA, OR, WA, MN, NC, PA, ND, WI, GA, ID, CA, NH, CO, MS, NM, PA, TX, MS, and Ontario.
  • Efforts for the NCHRP and TCRS focus on state issues and require solutions that can be applied at the state and local level. The Team worked with representatives of multiple states to address problems.
  • Collaborated with other organizations including Virginia Tech, Texas Transportation Institute, Midwest Roadside Safety Facility, AASHTO, and the National Transportation Safety Board.

Private Industry:

  • American Automobile Manufacturer’s Association
  • Electricore Inc
  • Ford Motor Company
  • Hill and Smith International
  • Honda Motor
  • Hyundai Motor Corporation
  • Johnson Controls
  • Livermore Software Technology Corporation
  • Nissan Motor Corp
  • Polaris Group
  • Toyota Motor Corp

Research Organizations:

  • Insurance Institute for Highway Safety
  • National Center for Manufacturing Science (partner)
  • Transportation Research Board, National Academy of Sciences
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