CCSA Participation at the 13th International LS-DYNA Users Conference 2014

CCSA Research Director and Associate Professor Dr. Dhafer Marzougui, Consultant Dr. Kenneth Opiela, and Assistant Research Professor Mr. Rudolf Reichert will be presenting at the 13th International LS‑DYNA® Users Conference in Dearborn, Michigan, June 8–10, 2014.

Dr. Marzougui will present his papers “Development & Validation of a Finite Element Model for a Mid-Sized Passenger Sedan” and “Crash Test & Simulation Comparisons of a Pickup Truck & a Small Car Oblique Impacts Into a Concrete Barrier” on Monday, June 9th.

Dr. Kenneth Opiela will present his paper “Assessing Options for Improving Roadside Barrier Crashworthiness” on Tuesday, June 10th.

Mr. Reichert will present his paper “Methodologies and Examples for Efficient Short and Long Duration Integrated Occupant‐Vehicle Crash Simulation” on Monday, June 9th.