2012 Toyota Camry Detailed Finite Element Model

Version 5a, released   Download Camry zip 58.5 MB

Vehicle Description


Body Type

Sedan 4‐Door

1,452 kg (3,200 lb)
Engine Type

2.5‐liter L4 DOHC 16V

Tire Size


Version 5 Model Details





Structural components details, Interior component details, Suspension system details, Uniform mesh throughout (multi mode impacts)


This model is computer representation of a 2012 Toyota Camry mid‐size passenger sedan for use in crash simulations. It was developed through a reverse engineering process by Center for Collision Safety and Analysis researchers under a contract with the Federal Highway Administration.

The model was validated against several full‐scale crash tests. It is expected to support current and future research related to occupant risk and vehicle compatibility, as well as barrier crash evaluation, research, and development efforts. The model conforms to the Manual for Assessing Safety Hardware requirements for a 1500A test vehicle.

Initial verification and validation of the model included completeness checks, comparisons of actual and model inertial properties, suspension response tests, and comparisons to actual frontal crash test data. Subsequent efforts compared simulation results to other available crash tests.

The resulting finite element vehicle model has 2.25 million elements. It includes details of the structural, drivetrain, as well as the interior components allowing for integration of occupant (dummy) models in the simulations. The model was constructed to include full functional capabilities of the suspension and steering subsystems allowing for non‐flat terrain analyses.

Average element size of the model is 6–8 mm with a minimum size of 4 mm. Typical simulation time step is 0.7 μs. The model was created for use with the LS-DYNA nonlinear explicit finite element code. Approximate time to run a 120 ms simulation using 16 cores is .

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